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Callsign Distribution

Callsign broadcasting

All amateur radio stations are required to transmit their callsign regulary.

We comply with this requirement by using the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP).

Every Adalm Pluto hosts a lldp daemon that is configured to broadcast a LLDP packet every 60 seconds. This packet contains the Callsign of the station.

The configuration takes place in /etc/init.d/ We evaluate the variable hnap_callsign, which can be set via the command:

fw_setenv hnap_callsign <YOUR-CALLSIGN>

You can view the current LLDP configuration with lldpcli show config. All received LLDP information from other stations can be displayer with lldpcli show neigh.

For more info, view the lldpd and lldpdcli manual