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Build the simulation target

Build the simulation application

The PHY and MAC layer can be simulated over a channel, in order to test BER performance. Here is how to build the target on your PC.

First, install libfftw and libconfig:

apt install libfftw3-dev libconfig-dev

Then, compile and install libfec

cd libfec
make install

Now we have the library dependencies for liquid-dsp installed. Install liquid-dsp:

More detailed installation instruction is here:

cd liquid-dsp
apt install automake autoconf
make install

When running ./configure make sure that the libfec and libfftw libraries are detected!

Finally, the simulation target can be compiled. The transceiver project uses cmake, the build target for the simulation is called test_mac.

cd HNAP4PlutoSDR
mkdir cmake-build-debug
cd cmake-build-debug
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ..   # or Release, as you wish
make test_mac

The simulation can be configured by setting variables in runtime/test.h and runtime/test_mac.c.